Ever wondered what the 10 most famous golf brands are? Well, wonder no more. We will list them for you here in order of rank. To learn more about the 5 most famous golf brands around the world, please read on. This article will provide insight into some of the best and most well-known golf companies in both America and Europe.

1) Callaway Golf Company:  The company is the United States’ largest golf equipment maker, specializing in clubs, balls, bags, apparel, and gloves. They are a well-known and respected golf equipment manufacturer that has a solid brand identity. The company’s drivers, fairway woods, and distance irons were all designated gold by Golf Digest in 2018, which is excellent. The brand began when the Callaway firm relocated to Carlsbad, California, in 1995. The company became well-known towards the later phase of the 1990s, and several famous players were played using the Callaway label, including Phil Mickelson, Xander Schauffele, Carlota Ciganda, and many more.

2) TaylorMade Golf: Founded in 1979 by Gary Adams as an independent company that would specialize in selling golf equipment to professional players only. However, they now produce all types of gear from irons to putters with their most popular being drivers, woods, and accessories.

Probably their most popular product is the M line of drivers which have helped professional players win many tournaments over the past few years such as Jason Day (four wins), Dustin Johnson (three wins), and Sergio Garcia (two).

The TaylorMade brand has been voted number one for golf club brands in 2017 by Golf Digest. TaylorMade is also known for its sponsorship deals that it makes with many professional players on the PGA Tour including Rickie Fowler who has been wearing TaylorMade clothing since 2010.

3) Titleist: It is a brand based in Fairhaven, Massachusetts and it manufactures golf balls, clubs (drivers & irons), bags, and other equipment. Titleist was founded by former amateur golfer Phillip E. Young back in 1932. It has been the number one on Golf Digest’s Top 100 list from 2013-2018 consecutively!

In 2015, Titleist was announced as the best-selling golf ball brand in both Japan and South Korea. The company’s most famous products are the Pro V range of balls that have been a favorite for professional players since 2001 when it became an official PGA Tour ball. Other popular models include the DT TruSoft which is a highly durable three-piece rubber core ball. It is available in several different models, including the DT Solo.

4) Ping: One of the oldest golf brands on this list, Ping was founded by Karsten Solheim in 1959. He designed the first PING club but it wasn’t until his wife’s sewing machine helped him produce 18 clubs to show friends that he realized there might be a future for his company.

At its start, Ping sold only putters and irons which was pretty unusual at the time. However, they became very popular and gained great success due to their superior quality designs that were different from most other brands on the market.

Today Ping is one of the leading golf companies designing new clubs with advanced technologies like high COR face inserts or ultra-lightweight shafts for better distance & accuracy which have been designed by Ping engineers to help the golfer play their best game.

5) Nike: Nike Golf was established back in 1964 and the first shoe they produced under this name was the Nike Air Zoom TW ’98. Since then, it has become one of their most popular brands that offer a great range of shoes for all levels to help you play your best game.

The brand’s footwear is known around the world as some of the best golf shoes on the market and they’ve been worn by many professional players including Jason Day, Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia, Rory Mcllroy.

Nike’s golf apparel is known for its modern design that combines motion-ready technology such as Dri Fit fabric to help keep you cool when you’re out on the course with its breathable mesh materials that are designed for comfort.