Golf gadgets and golf accessories play a vital role in the game of golf. If you make a mistake to choose the wrong golf equipment, it may affect your scoring. A wrong choice of inferior golf equipment can make your game awful.

So, make sure you select the right golf equipment. Choosing the right golf equipment can mean the difference between having a great match after every match and having no great matches at all. Proper golf equipment means having shafts, drivers, gloves and other accessories that work with your body, your style and your abilities.

Your game, your swing, your body and your personal preferences should be taken into consideration when buying golf equipment and accessories. By doing this, you will make sure that your golf points do not drop. Think of the big celebrities in the golf world such as Tiger woods among others, who always tried to find clubs and shafts that suited them perfectly.

You may have to experiment your golf with different sizes of equipment and styles before you find the correct fit. Do not make a quick purchase without considering the facts above or you will later have second thoughts and regrets. Take a look at these amazing tools that will give you a head start in the game especially for senior golfers.

Here we have a list of golf gadgets for seniors to make them improve on their strokes. These gadgets include:

Q-Link bracelet performance

Wondering what a bracelet has to do with golf? Q-Link Performance Bracelet is not just a standard accessory. This bracelet helps improve your performance on the pitch by reducing stress. Q-Link is available in the form of a stylish cuff or even in the form of pendants, Q-link, “synthesises your bio-fuels with an effect which is resonant that help navigate your stressful world and coordinate your energy.” Many prominent athletes are seen with one, and their judgment so far has been positive. But if you think your aim will improve magically with this bracelet, think again. It only helps to enhance your focus on the game and not your performance.


The hand warmer can be a saviour in disguise in those cold months of winter when your shivering hand is difficult to strike. There is no longer need to continue to rub numb hands to shed some warmth in it. With hand warmers, you will remain comfortably warm throughout the day. With this hand warmer at your fingertips, you will swing like never before in your life!

Golf hook/slide talk meter swing

Who can be the best coach to give you your first golf lesson from your very own golf club? Hard to believe? A handy golf hook/slide talking swinging meter does precisely that. Simply, clip the nano-meter to your club and the built-in intelligent sensor will work. Each time you swing, the Smart Meter will provide audible feedback. The golf tool will teach you terms like “hook”, “slice” or “nice shot!” This one is worth every penny spent!

Crazy Golf Balls

Some hearty laughs can ease the escalating tension on the golf course. This set of crazy balls ensures exactly that. Imagine a golf ball that disappears into the mists and another that ejects streaming ribbons. These are hilarious ways to pull a joke on your golf buds. With these great tools, you know that golf has become more fun.

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