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Some Essential Golf Gadgets To Improve Your Golf Experience

Golf gadgets and golf accessories play a vital role in the game of golf. If you make a mistake to choose the wrong golf equipment, it may affect your scoring. A wrong choice of inferior golf equipment can make your game awful.

So, make sure you select the right golf equipment. Choosing the right golf equipment can mean the difference between having a great match after every match and having no great matches at all. Proper golf equipment means having shafts, drivers, gloves and other accessories that work with your body, your style and your abilities.

Your game, your swing, your body and your personal preferences should be taken into consideration when buying golf equipment and accessories. By doing this, you will make sure that your golf points do not drop. Think of the big celebrities in the golf world such as Tiger woods among others, who always tried to find clubs and shafts that suited them perfectly.

You may have to experiment your golf with different sizes of equipment and styles before you find the correct fit. Do not make a quick purchase without considering the facts above or you will later have second thoughts and regrets. Take a look at these amazing tools that will give you a head start in the game especially for senior golfers.

Here we have a list of golf gadgets for seniors to make them improve on their strokes. These gadgets include:

Q-Link bracelet performance

Wondering what a bracelet has to do with golf? Q-Link Performance Bracelet is not just a standard accessory. This bracelet helps improve your performance on the pitch by reducing stress. Q-Link is available in the form of a stylish cuff or even in the form of pendants, Q-link, “synthesises your bio-fuels with an effect which is resonant that help navigate your stressful world and coordinate your energy.” Many prominent athletes are seen with one, and their judgment so far has been positive. But if you think your aim will improve magically with this bracelet, think again. It only helps to enhance your focus on the game and not your performance.


The hand warmer can be a saviour in disguise in those cold months of winter when your shivering hand is difficult to strike. There is no longer need to continue to rub numb hands to shed some warmth in it. With hand warmers, you will remain comfortably warm throughout the day. With this hand warmer at your fingertips, you will swing like never before in your life!

Golf hook/slide talk meter swing

Who can be the best coach to give you your first golf lesson from your very own golf club? Hard to believe? A handy golf hook/slide talking swinging meter does precisely that. Simply, clip the nano-meter to your club and the built-in intelligent sensor will work. Each time you swing, the Smart Meter will provide audible feedback. The golf tool will teach you terms like “hook”, “slice” or “nice shot!” This one is worth every penny spent!

Crazy Golf Balls

Some hearty laughs can ease the escalating tension on the golf course. This set of crazy balls ensures exactly that. Imagine a golf ball that disappears into the mists and another that ejects streaming ribbons. These are hilarious ways to pull a joke on your golf buds. With these great tools, you know that golf has become more fun.

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6 Reasons Why Gold Equipment Are So Expensive

When you think of rich people, you probably imagine them having the time of their life playing golf and chatting away with other rich people. We have found a great resource for further reading about golf equipment. You can visit

Even though you can play golf if you’re not extremely rich, one reason why most rich people play golf is that the equipment is costly. Here are some ideas why playing golf can break the bank.

  • Variety of Golf Clubs

If you’ve ever watched professional golf, you probably noticed that large bag that the manager carries around. That bag usually takes about 5 different types of golf clubs, which each are suited for a specific kind of shot.

For instance, the starting shot typically is made using a heavier club since it can transfer more inertia on the ball upon impact and send it flying towards the hole. Also, there are lighter clubs that are used when more precise shots are needed. Some professionals even use a different club for every single shot.

  • Golf Club Materials

Like most things, you can buy a cheap one or an expensive one. Most times, although can cheaper one can do the same basic functions, the more expensive golf equipment usually does the job better. In the case of golf clubs, the expensive club typically are made of high-quality metals that are layered upon each other multiple times to provide the best uniformity and durability so that it can stay reliable and be used for a lifetime.

While some advertising may be complete flukes, the reality is that different metals have many different properties, and the way that they are mixed and arranged can have a significant effect on the way they behave.

  • Technology

A lot of science goes into developing golf clubs and golf balls. Precise compositions of metal and plastic are designed to deliver the best golf balls and the smoothest impacts. If you have ever tried playing golf using a wooden stick as the club and rock as the ball, you probably know how important it is to use good materials.

Even the slightest mishap in the club or the ball could result in a shot going off-course by a lot, especially on the first shot when the distance travelled is very far. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want the ball to suddenly hop around when you go to put it in the hole.

  • Brands

Golf is a rich-people sport. There is no doubt about that. So, there is also a lot of competition for the golf companies to attract the rich people’s money. As a result, there are a lot of high-end brands that do not necessarily perform much better if at all than the cheaper alternatives, but merely carry a hefty price tag because of the reputation of the brand.

While some professional golf clubs start around $200, there are some that go up to $2000 and beyond. Even golf bags can be up in the $200 range if from a high-end brand.

  • Golf Course

To play golf like a rich person, you can’t be doing it in your backyard. Of course, you should go to the golf course with your golf shirt and visor to impress the onlookers. A lot of maintenance goes into keeping the golf course free of debris and looking as fantastic as it does.

For the grassy parts, careful irrigation is required to keep the grass growing uniformly while keeping the field nice and smooth. Next, it needs to be mowed more often than a regular lawn, and golf courses have a lot of grass. Besides that, there are often sand dunes that also needs to be maintained carefully to maintain that lovely golden hue and smooth texture.

  • Golf Carts

If you really want to go ham, you can even buy yourself a golf cart to drive around instead of having to walk all the way to your shots after making them. So, most golf courses have golf carts that you can rent, so you won’t have to buy a personal one to tow to the golf course every time you want to play.

The alternative is either walk to your shot, or simply do practice shots, but taking hundreds of shots at the range can be really expensive. Depending on the type of golf you like to play, you can save some money or empty your wallet in one session!

There are many reasons why golf is expensive, but the truth is that anyone can play golf and even you can become a professional! Just grab a stick and hitting some balls and you would be playing golf! Be careful of objects around the field of projection, however, because flying objects will hurt and will break things.

The 5 Most Famous Golf Brands Around the World

Ever wondered what the 10 most famous golf brands are? Well, wonder no more. We will list them for you here in order of rank. To learn more about the 5 most famous golf brands around the world, please read on. This article will provide insight into some of the best and most well-known golf companies in both America and Europe.

1) Callaway Golf Company:  The company is the United States’ largest golf equipment maker, specializing in clubs, balls, bags, apparel, and gloves. They are a well-known and respected golf equipment manufacturer that has a solid brand identity. The company’s drivers, fairway woods, and distance irons were all designated gold by Golf Digest in 2018, which is excellent. The brand began when the Callaway firm relocated to Carlsbad, California, in 1995. The company became well-known towards the later phase of the 1990s, and several famous players were played using the Callaway label, including Phil Mickelson, Xander Schauffele, Carlota Ciganda, and many more.

2) TaylorMade Golf: Founded in 1979 by Gary Adams as an independent company that would specialize in selling golf equipment to professional players only. However, they now produce all types of gear from irons to putters with their most popular being drivers, woods, and accessories.

Probably their most popular product is the M line of drivers which have helped professional players win many tournaments over the past few years such as Jason Day (four wins), Dustin Johnson (three wins), and Sergio Garcia (two).

The TaylorMade brand has been voted number one for golf club brands in 2017 by Golf Digest. TaylorMade is also known for its sponsorship deals that it makes with many professional players on the PGA Tour including Rickie Fowler who has been wearing TaylorMade clothing since 2010.

3) Titleist: It is a brand based in Fairhaven, Massachusetts and it manufactures golf balls, clubs (drivers & irons), bags, and other equipment. Titleist was founded by former amateur golfer Phillip E. Young back in 1932. It has been the number one on Golf Digest’s Top 100 list from 2013-2018 consecutively!

In 2015, Titleist was announced as the best-selling golf ball brand in both Japan and South Korea. The company’s most famous products are the Pro V range of balls that have been a favorite for professional players since 2001 when it became an official PGA Tour ball. Other popular models include the DT TruSoft which is a highly durable three-piece rubber core ball. It is available in several different models, including the DT Solo.

4) Ping: One of the oldest golf brands on this list, Ping was founded by Karsten Solheim in 1959. He designed the first PING club but it wasn’t until his wife’s sewing machine helped him produce 18 clubs to show friends that he realized there might be a future for his company.

At its start, Ping sold only putters and irons which was pretty unusual at the time. However, they became very popular and gained great success due to their superior quality designs that were different from most other brands on the market.

Today Ping is one of the leading golf companies designing new clubs with advanced technologies like high COR face inserts or ultra-lightweight shafts for better distance & accuracy which have been designed by Ping engineers to help the golfer play their best game.

5) Nike: Nike Golf was established back in 1964 and the first shoe they produced under this name was the Nike Air Zoom TW ’98. Since then, it has become one of their most popular brands that offer a great range of shoes for all levels to help you play your best game.

The brand’s footwear is known around the world as some of the best golf shoes on the market and they’ve been worn by many professional players including Jason Day, Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia, Rory Mcllroy.

Nike’s golf apparel is known for its modern design that combines motion-ready technology such as Dri Fit fabric to help keep you cool when you’re out on the course with its breathable mesh materials that are designed for comfort.

Choosing Necessary Golf Equipment for Disabled Players

For the physically challenged, the thought of playing golf can seem a little bit far-fetched. And for those who played golf throughout there lives, only to have arthritis or a stroke, have even greater doubts of ever getting back on course.

Not to worry, most golf manufacturing companies have unique gadgets that can relieve the strain caused by constant stooping and bending. There is equipment designed for one-legged golfers, quadriplegic, as well as amputees.

Such adaptive golf equipment entails things like gripping aids/prosthetic gripping devices, adaptive clubs, and customised clubs. While this equipment caters for specific disabilities challenging the golfer, even younger people can use them. Here we shall look at several limitations and possible equipment necessary for disabled golf players.

Golfers with limb disability

There are several reasons why someone may lack the use of an arm or a weak grip; spinal cord injury, head injury, and neuropathy are some of the common ones. To help hold the golf club, manufacturers have designed various golf equipment for disabled players including oversize grips, cushioned grips, gripping aids, and gloves. For those unable to move (loss of limb functions), golfers may decide to play from a seated position, and there are numerous wheelchairs designed with unique features. Most commonly are the torque absorbers, placed below or above the knee prosthesis, that help in rotation movements during a swing.

Golfers with reduced strength

For those having limited strength, golf is still a viable game. The movements involved in playing golf are enough exercise that can probably increase one’s flexibility, strength, as well as endurance. You can try out these ideas if you want to play on “energy saving mode.”

-wear lightweight shoes
-shock absorbing shaft/insert
-play a shorter course
-use cart in-play

Golfers with visual impairments

Golfers with visual impairments can play golf by simply learning body positioning and directions of the swing. In fact, there are different parts of the golf field where those with visual impairments are better than those who have good vision. In essence, blind golfers ought to have a coach to allow them to decide which club to choose, how hard they are supposed to hit the club, and others even go an extra mile of tapping the flagstick in the target hole. There are many golfing techniques that if learned from professionals, those with visual impairments would be able to get a better feel of the game.

Golfers with hearing impairments

Sound plays a significant role in golfing; from when the ball hits a tree, puddle, or the sound made when you hit it. These are all indicators that most golfers with hearing may subconsciously pay attention to while golfing. However, if you have hearing difficulties, then consider paying close attention to the cues around you. Some people signal their partners with a simple, “fore!” while others have reported paying attention to what’s around them as ideal indicators.

In conclusion, before choosing the best golf equipment for disabled players, liaise with your instructor and try to find out the best and safest gadget you can comfortably use. Do not be afraid to google a few stuff. The internet nowadays has almost all the information we need and can be of good assistance during your research.

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