When you think of rich people, you probably imagine them having the time of their life playing golf and chatting away with other rich people. We have found a great resource for further reading about golf equipment. You can visit https://golfateagleridge.com

Even though you can play golf if you’re not extremely rich, one reason why most rich people play golf is that the equipment is costly. Here are some ideas why playing golf can break the bank.

  • Variety of Golf Clubs

If you’ve ever watched professional golf, you probably noticed that large bag that the manager carries around. That bag usually takes about 5 different types of golf clubs, which each are suited for a specific kind of shot.

For instance, the starting shot typically is made using a heavier club since it can transfer more inertia on the ball upon impact and send it flying towards the hole. Also, there are lighter clubs that are used when more precise shots are needed. Some professionals even use a different club for every single shot.

  • Golf Club Materials

Like most things, you can buy a cheap one or an expensive one. Most times, although can cheaper one can do the same basic functions, the more expensive golf equipment usually does the job better. In the case of golf clubs, the expensive club typically are made of high-quality metals that are layered upon each other multiple times to provide the best uniformity and durability so that it can stay reliable and be used for a lifetime.

While some advertising may be complete flukes, the reality is that different metals have many different properties, and the way that they are mixed and arranged can have a significant effect on the way they behave.

  • Technology

A lot of science goes into developing golf clubs and golf balls. Precise compositions of metal and plastic are designed to deliver the best golf balls and the smoothest impacts. If you have ever tried playing golf using a wooden stick as the club and rock as the ball, you probably know how important it is to use good materials.

Even the slightest mishap in the club or the ball could result in a shot going off-course by a lot, especially on the first shot when the distance travelled is very far. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want the ball to suddenly hop around when you go to put it in the hole.

  • Brands

Golf is a rich-people sport. There is no doubt about that. So, there is also a lot of competition for the golf companies to attract the rich people’s money. As a result, there are a lot of high-end brands that do not necessarily perform much better if at all than the cheaper alternatives, but merely carry a hefty price tag because of the reputation of the brand.

While some professional golf clubs start around $200, there are some that go up to $2000 and beyond. Even golf bags can be up in the $200 range if from a high-end brand.

  • Golf Course

To play golf like a rich person, you can’t be doing it in your backyard. Of course, you should go to the golf course with your golf shirt and visor to impress the onlookers. A lot of maintenance goes into keeping the golf course free of debris and looking as fantastic as it does.

For the grassy parts, careful irrigation is required to keep the grass growing uniformly while keeping the field nice and smooth. Next, it needs to be mowed more often than a regular lawn, and golf courses have a lot of grass. Besides that, there are often sand dunes that also needs to be maintained carefully to maintain that lovely golden hue and smooth texture.

  • Golf Carts

If you really want to go ham, you can even buy yourself a golf cart to drive around instead of having to walk all the way to your shots after making them. So, most golf courses have golf carts that you can rent, so you won’t have to buy a personal one to tow to the golf course every time you want to play.

The alternative is either walk to your shot, or simply do practice shots, but taking hundreds of shots at the range can be really expensive. Depending on the type of golf you like to play, you can save some money or empty your wallet in one session!

There are many reasons why golf is expensive, but the truth is that anyone can play golf and even you can become a professional! Just grab a stick and hitting some balls and you would be playing golf! Be careful of objects around the field of projection, however, because flying objects will hurt and will break things.